Solutions pour la valorisation des ressources naturelles



The quality of our plants ensures the durability which the factors are:

. Quality 

- Controle during the manufacture, the erection and the operation tests

- Compliance with and respect of the safety rules 

. Reliability 

- Robustness

- Experience

-Using of components fast to operational contraints

. Performance 

- Study

-Compliance with and respect of Specifications 

- Energy saving (Water, electricity...)

-Performance optimization 


The quality and durability require availability as :

. Commercial assistance (advices...)

- Watch and constant listen about requirements of our customers

- Regular follow up of our customers 

-Process control from the commercial approach to the commissioning to the customer, through studies, manufacturing, delivery and the follow up of the assembly. 

. After-sales department (Service...)

-Care about the professionalism of the service provided

- Constant study for the best solution 

- Availability throughout the France, The Europe and worldwide

- Responsiveness and expertise of our team 

.Spare parts (Stocks...)

- Wide range of available parts,delivered in worldwide

- All parts from our production 

- Pumps parts (Schabaver, Metso, Warman...) 

- More than 3,500 pieces in stock

Environmental protection :

The development of solutions for water treatment, sludge pressing treatment, waste recovery treatment fall perfectly within an ecological approach. That is why, we are working on:

- The steady development of innovative and efficient solutions for the energy saving.

- Reducing the environmental footprint (suitable sizing and adjustment of gear motors...) 

- The optimum recycling of the water used for the aggregates treatment.