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Sludge pressing
Sludge pressing
Main works / Civil engineering
Main works / Civil engineering

Concrete and site sludge recycling - CLAMENS (FRANCE).

SOTRES carried out on behalf of the company CLAMENS SA leader in recycling, one part of the recycling plant of concrete sludge from ready-mix plants located in the Parisian area.

This plant allows to upgrade the aggregates from concrete sludge including sand of size 0/4mm sand and  fine gravels of sizes 4/10 and 10/20.

The capacity of this plant is about 180,000 tons per year. These 180,000 tons are not thrown away anymore.

Then, SOTRES has done, always for the company CLAMENS SA, the one sludge treatment plant in Europe. Indeed, public works-type geothermal drilling, cast piles molded walls etc ..., working with drilling mud (bentonite), produce outstanding quantities.

These sludges are composed of materials from the ground (clay stones) and bentonite muds.

The SOTRES plant, designed closely with the company CLAMENS SA, is foreseen to separate aggregates to upgrade them and treat the waste water below 80 microns thanks their pressing.


The capacity of the plant is about 150 t / h and produces about 600 m3/day of desanded sludge, which, after being mixed with concrete chalking from the concrete sludge washing, have been pressed with a filter press.

The water created by the filtrates of the press is then reused to dilute the sludge and wash the materials, or even in some cases, redirected to sites for the preparation of drilling muds.


This plant uses 0 m3 of water, avoiding also sludge discharge. So this is a big step for the environment and the protection of natural resources.

This plant has enabled the treatment of sludge from the site of geothermal drilling of the ORLY airport, and the site rehabilitation of the MACDONALD warehouse located in the Paris center.