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Quarries Sandpits
Quarries Sandpits
Bentonite Mud treatment
 D450-300 desander

SOTRES designs and builds units for bentonite muds regeneration (desanders) adapted to the performances of all drilling equipment used in underground and special foundations.


The bentonite mud treatment units are composed of modular elements for:

- The preparation of bentonite muds

- The production of standard and movable desander units with capacities from                        45 m³/h to 500 m³/h

- The design of personalized desanders suitable to your requirements

- The design and carrying out of complete units



The standard units enable to cover the usual flow rates for which some examples:

D 45
(45 m3/h)
(120 m3/h)

(120m3/h + 20m3/h)

(120m3/h + 50 m3/h)


(150m3/h +50m3/h)
(150m3/h + 150 m3/h)

(250m3/h + 120m3/h)

(500m3/h + 500m3/h)

Additional equipment:

Various equipments can complete the bentonite mud units following your requirements:

Rotary screen Desilting machine Fresh bentonite preparation system Container/ storing tank


For further technical details, please click on the following link :

Treatment of drilling mud 

Examples of applications following fields of competence

Quarries Sandpits
Quarries Sandpits
the benefits

Our desander units are designed :
- To be reliable and efficient
- To enable an easy transport and putting in container
- For a quick implementation on sites
- To facilitate the maintenance



the purpose

Prepare, desand and use the (bentonite) mud of site concerning:
- Public Works
- Cast concrete walls
- Piles
- Geothermal drillings
- Directional drillings
- Hydroshields / tunnelling