Solutions pour la valorisation des ressources naturelles



Each project being specific, we analyze together all aspects and requirements of your project:

-      Analysis of the deposit to treat:

The analysis carried out by our laboratory, are used to define the characteristic of the products to be treated. They are the basis for the development of the projects and the definition of the solutions and equipments. 

Our laboratory carries out its tests following 4 main areas of analysis based on the specificity of your samples:

- Grading size analysis
- Cleanliness analysis
- Water analysis :  flocculation tests, of PH, heavy metals…
- Sludge analysis :  concentration, viscosity, pressing

 -          Quality to obtain :
Depending on the ratio analysis performed in our laboratory, we propose a suitable solution to obtain the desired quality by the customer

-        Economic and environmental requirements:
We keep in mind to design plants to meet the following requirements: 

      -Easy-functional design
      -Durability of the plants
      -Saving of the energy consumption 
      -Limit taking-off of natural resources (water)

Study and carry out


Each project requires a commitment to performances and quality. Each of these points must be checked to meet your demand.